Asun Ortega

Asun Ortega (born October 8, 1981 in Murcia, Spain), is a Spanish actress and model. She was born as Asunción Ortega Vidal and is one of 5 siblings. Asun is fluent in Spanish, German and English. She also speaks some Dutch and Portuguese. She attended the Ivana Chubbuck Studio and studied acting with star Patricia Velásquez. Her debut was in the film Chicano Blood directed by Damian Chapa in 2007. She had a supporting role in the feature film Mi Padre directed by Giancarlo Candiano. Asun has worked with film directors such as Evan Georgiades (God's Complex,2008), Tom Madigan (Unfortunate Twilight,2008) and in TV commercials.

"Chicano Blood"

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"Nude nuns with big guns" (2160p)

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"Nude nuns with big guns" (2160p)

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"Nude nuns with big guns" (2160p)

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