Ashleigh Hubbard

Born in 1982 in Toronto, Ontario, Elizabeth Ashleigh Hubbard began acting in theatre at the age of ten. She starred as Prissy Andrews in Anne of Green Gables and Gladys Herdman in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Ashleigh then went on to star as Cinderella in the theatrical version in Toronto, Ontario at the age of twelve. Ashleigh attended University in 2001 and earned her undergraduate degree in Anthropology in 2004. In 2005, Ashleigh began acting full-time and landing many coveted roles. She has starred in many comedies including the Canadian comedy series, "Punched Up" and as "Damon's Girl" in LoveBites in 2006.


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"A.P.P. Beta House" (2160p)

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