Arta Dobroshi

Arta Dobroshi (born 2 October 1980) is a Kosovar-Albanian actress, often cited for her striking presence and ability to breathe authentic life into the roles she plays. She is the first Kosovar actress in history to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival and be nominated for the European Film Award. Arta came to international prominence for her portrayal of Lorna in Luc and Jean-Piere Dardenne's Lorna's Silence in which she played the title role to great acclaim and received international media attention. The film was awarded in Cannes 2008. In the same year Dobroshi was nominated for her role as Best Actress, at the European Film Awards and at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2009.

"Le silence de Lorna

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