Arlene Farber

Farber made her film debut as Nellie in "Girl on a Chain Gang," which was directed by her close friend Jerry Gross. Arlene played juicy lead roles in two other movies directed by Gross: She was cute high school adolescent Arlene Taylor in "Teenage Mother" and very sexy and impressive as sweet, yet sultry peasant girl Angelique in the racy "Female Animal." Her other memorable roles include vivacious fame-hungry ballerina Toni in the lurid roughie "Two Girls for a Madman;" very funny as Tony Lo Bianco's whiny girlfriend Angie Boca in "The French Connection," and sassy backwoods hick chick Martha in the offbeat made-for-TV movie "All the Kind Strangers." Moreover, Farber made guest appearances on episodes of the TV shows "Room 222," "Mannix," "Kung Fu," and "Baretta." After playing a small part as a high school gym teacher in the amusing lowbrow comedy romp "Slumber Party '57," Arlene called it a day as an actress. Farber is married and now lives in California.

"Two girls for a madman"

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