Ariane Schluter

Ariane Schluter, (born February 1, 1966, Leidschendam) is a Dutch actress. She is probably best known for playing in films by such Dutch filmmakers as Alex van Warmerdam and Theo van Gogh. Ariane Schluter studied at the "School of Theatre" in Maastricht, finished in 1989, and later she did play in theater plays. In 1994 she was a co-writer of the script for 06, which was filmed by Theo Van Gogh and won a special Jury Price at the Netherlands Film Festival. Another famous Dutch filmmaker - Alex van Warmerdam - did several films starring Ariane Schluter: De Jurk (The Dress - 1996), Little Tony (1998), Ober (Waiter 2006).

"De Jurk"

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