Anne Parillaud

Anne Parillaud (born 6 May 1960 in Paris) is a French actress, who has appeared in numerous films since 1977. She is best known internationally for her role as Nikita in the movie of the same name. While in school she studied ballet and her ambition was to become a lawyer, but a role during summer vacation - when she was only 16 - in Michel Lang's L'hôtel de la plage launched her into the world of film. Anne is now married to Jean Michel Jarre. She has a daughter with ex-husband Luc Besson, Juliette, born in 1987 and two sons, Lou and Theo, with film producer Mark Allan.


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"Pour la peau d'un flic"

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"Le battant" (2160p)

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"Le battant" (2160p)

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"Le battant" (2160p)

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"Innocent Blood"

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"Patrizia" (720p)

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"Patrizia" (720p)

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