Anne Kehler

The Danish film 'Stille dage i Clichy' is a typical film of its days, 1970. By then, for the first time in history, anti-conceptive were for sale everywhere. Which meant it was something new to have sex disconnected from pregnancy. This fresh awareness led to a true wave of hedonism. And yes, hedonism is all this Danish production is about. Which makes its plot pretty monotonous and meager, even for those who recognize the public mood of 1970. Apart from that, 'Quiet days in Clichy's picturing is very well done, and shows a convincing acting. Nudity is abundant, and we see the human body in its original making: with pubic hair, and without botox, face lifts, and enlarged female breasts. Even more, this film is uplifted by a performance of Ben Webster, the world-famous jazz saxophone-player.

"Quiet days in Clichy" (2160p)

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