Anita Caprioli

Anita Caprioli (born December 11, 1973) is an Italian theatre and film actress. She was born at Vercelli, Piedmont. Anita made her debut in London in 1995 with Andrea Brooks, in an adaptation of Carlo Goldoni's The Mistress of the Inn, and in the following year she played in Il Berretto a Sonagli. In 1996 she starred in her first movie, Domani: this was followed by Tutti gił per terra, by Davide Ferrario and La donna del treno, directed by Carlo Lizzani. Her first part as a protagonist is for Gabriele Salvatores' 1999 film Denti, where she played along with Sergio Rubini. Anita's latest woirk include the movie 'Immaturi - Il viaggio' (2012) and the tv movie 'A fari spenti nella notte'.

"Tutti giu per terra"

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