Angelica Penn

Angelica Penn made her movie debut in 2010 in the horrormovie 'Lake Placid 3', a made-for-television horror film starring Colin Ferguson produced by the Sci Fi Channel. This sequel to the 2007 film, Lake Placid 2, and the 1999 film, Lake Placid, aired as a Sci Fi Channel original movie on August 21, 2010. Lake Placid 3 had 2 versions; the TV version was rated R, the unrated DVD version contained nudity and sexuality. In the opening of the unrated version, the couple was having sex instead of making out when attacked. Funny things is that you see lots of blood splashing around, but they probably didn't think that was harmful for tv viewers. Seeing a naked woman is of course another matter (/sarcasm).

"Lake placid 3"

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