Angela Winkler

Angela Winkler (born 22 January 1944) is a German actress. She trained to be a medical technologist in Stuttgart. Interested in theater, she went to Munich, where she took acting classes with Ernst Fritz Fürbringer. In 1967, she had her first role at the theater in Kassel. In 1969, she played the lead role in Peter Fleischmann's film Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern. Her next film, The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, directed by Volker Schlöndorff, made her a star in 1975. For the role of Katharina Blum, she received the Filmband in Gold. In 1979, she won international fame as the mother of Oskar Matzerath in Schlöndorff's Oscar-winning film Der Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum).

"Die Blechtrommel"

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"Messer im Kopf" (1080p)

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