Amparo Noguera

María Amparo Noguera Portales (born March 6, 1965 in Santiago), is a Chilean television, theatre and film actress. Amparo is the daughter of the actor Héctor Noguera Illanes and Isidora Portales. Her grandfather, Héctor Noguera Prieto was descendant of the former President of Chile José Joaquín Prieto Vial and her mother is descendant of Diego Portales, Chilean politician of Basque descent. She is one of the most recognized actresses in Chile. She is best known for the films El Ciclista de San Cristóbal, El País de Octubre and Mi Último Hombre. And won the Altazar Award for best actress thanks to Un Ladrón y su Mujer. In 2009 appeared in the TV serie ¿Dónde está Elisa? as Amanda Goldstein.

"Tony Manero"

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"Tony Manero"

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