Amanda Aday

Amanda Lee Aday (born January 21, 1981) is an American actress. Born in New York City, she is best known for her recurring role as Dora Mae Dreifuss on the first season of the 2003-2005 HBO series Carnivāle. Amanda is the daughter of actor/musician Meat Loaf and Leslie Aday and half sister of singer Pearl Aday. Her film roles include Crazy In Alabama, the indie film The Mummy An' The Armadillo, National Lampoon's Pledge This!. In addition to her work on Carnivāle, she has guest starred on the hit TV shows Boston Public, ER and My Name Is Earl. She appeared in the 2012 indie film South Dakota. She is now a resident member of the Blue Sphere Alliance (founded by Neve Campbell and Matthew Lillard) where she performs regularly.

"Carnivale 1.05"

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