Alyce LaTourelle

Terror Firmer is a 1999 American trash film, directed by Lloyd Kaufman, written by Patrick Cassidy and Douglas Buck, and starring Will Keenan and Alyce LaTourelle. The film was produced by the Troma Entertainment company, known for distributing campy exploitation films. The film features several direct references to the previous Troma films, such as The Toxic Avenger, and includes famous Troma props, like the 'Penis Monster' (referred to, in the film, as "Thor, the God of Love") and a severed leg. While most reviewers agree that the film's references to other Troma films is clever and well-executed for an exploitation film, some critics deem the film's use of "trashy" elements overly gratuitous.

"Terror firmer"

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"Terror firmer"

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"Terror firmer"

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