Allison McAtee

Allison McAtee is an American actress and fashion model. Allison was in modeling since 15. She was in Project Runway 2 as a model (2005), who unfortunately left the show early when her designer was booted out in the 3rd episode. In acting career, Allison is known for her 2010 role as "Catherine" in Bloomington. Her portrayal of the sexy professor in the sapphic film was successful in showcasing both her acting talent and impeccable good looks, and won her many fans around the world. She has starred in several short films, including an award-winning Distrust and also guest-starred varied roles in widely acclaimed TV shows such as NCIS, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, Californication, and Ugly Betty. During her younger days before TV, Allison dabbled in theatre which garnered her an acting award in one of her plays.

"Californication 6.04" (2160p)

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