Ann-Kathrin Kramer

Ann-Kathrin Kramer (born 4 April 1966 in Wuppertal) is a German writer and actress. She was educated in Wuppertal but left school at sixteen. She worked as a shop window designer, made portraits of tourists in Greece and applied in vain to fashion school. Finally she took the Technische Abitur (baccalaureate-level qualification), but decided against studying physics as first envisaged. At 26, Ann went to the Gmelin Drama School in Munich and completed her training as an actress.She took singing lessons with Anneliese Hofmann de Boer and acting lessons with John Costopoulos in the Lee Strasbourg Method. She has two brothers and a son who was born in 1997 from her relationship with Jan Josef Liefers. She is now associated with Harald Krassnitzer. She works with the charity Dunkelziffer - Help for Sexually Abused Children in Hamburg and represents the Bundesstiftung Kinderhospiz.

"Auf schmalem Grat"

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